Online services and administration

Online service + Administration

Online service + Administration
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The course introduces the Office 365 features and enables the participants to effectively use the Office 365 environment. The second part (administration) introduces such features as user and license management, granting rights to mailboxes, data loss protection and creating new sites and applications. We recommend reading the training structure described below; it includes a detailed list of online services and administration topics.

Duration: 5-6 h. This is an approximate duration for the course. We want every participant to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully use the Office 365 environment and its features..
Method: online workshop

The online workshop is conducted based on the Skype for Business platform. The information and skills developed during the course are verified by our expert thanks to the desktop sharing option. We can provide the course on site as well. The price is individually negotiated.

Necessary knowledge: The participants of our workshop need to know how to use a computer. Basic administrator skills are not necessary, but recommended.

Training structure:

Online services


  1. What is Office 365?
  2. Introduction to the main screen and menu.
  3. Account and theme personalization.
  4. Office Delve - practical use.

Exchange Online

  1. Setting up automatic answers.
  2. Irrelevant.
  3. Mailbox rules.
  4. Setting up CC and BCC recipients (response settings).
  5. Black and white lists – blocking and unblocking addresses.
  6. Adding an external account.
  7. Layout.
  8. Granting rights to one's own mailbox.
  9. Adding a shared mailbox to the screen.
  10. Creating a message with the use of a shared mailbox in Outlook Online.


  1. Introduction to services.
  2. Ways of transferring documents in OneDrive.
  3. File synchronization with computer.
  4. Sharing files inside and outside of the organization.
  5. Granting file rights.
  6. Temporary file rights.
  7. Simultaneous collaboration.
  8. File versioning.
  9. Document mail alerts.
  10. Adding observed documents.
  11. Creating surveys in Excel Online.
  12. Introduction to site characteristics in SharePoint.
  13. Tworzenie witryn.
  14. Sharing sites.
  15. Adding applications and their features.
  16. Creating projects in SharePoint Online.
  17. Introduction to document flow creation.


  1. What is the Planner application?
  2. Creating new plans.
  3. Inviting users to plans.
  4. Creating buckets.
  5. Adding resources to plans and assigning them to plan participants.
  6. Various views (structure, charts, responsible users).
  7. Creating mail alerts for plans.

Skype for Business

  1. Installation of the client.
  2. Organizing meetings.
  3. Videoconferences, desktop sharing, whiteboard, survey creation, etc.
  4. Recording meetings online.
  5. Adding users to a meeting.



  1. Introductory information about the administration panel
  2. Verification of the company's domain
  3. User and license management
  4. Limiting application downloads
  5. Settlements and subscriptions

Exchange administration

  1. Adding SMTP addresses
  2. Creating joint mailboxes, distribution lists and resources
  3. Granting mailbox rights
  4. E-Discovery and In-Place Hold
  5. Data loss protection
  6. Creating global transport rules
  7. Blocked and allowed domains
  8. Migrating data from other servers
  9. Connector configuration
  10. Spam filters

SharePoint Online administration

  1. Types of sites
  2. Granting site rights
  3. Setting site availability levels
  4. Creating new sites and applications
  5. Subsites and other levels of rights
  6. Site settings and editing options

Skype for Business

  1. Installation of the client.
  2. Organizing meetings.
Online service + Administration
(717,11 Br)