Launching Skype for Business

Launching Skype for Business

Launching Skype for Business
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Do you want to boost your communication and reduce the time spent in meetings? Try Skype for Business! We'll install the clients, create contact groups in the application and add external users to the list.

We are experienced in creating local telephone networks that use Skype for Business. We know that it can be easily and comfortably used when calling cellular network numbers. Skype for Business implementation means that you can use your computer like a telephone, with a list of numbers and the option to call people without Skype for Business. Be flexible – work anywhere, establishing, receiving and directing calls both inside and outside of the company.


  • Subscription activation
  • Verification of the company's domain
  • Creation of user accounts
  • Assigning licenses to users
  • Setting up chosen logins and passwords
  • Individual configuration
  • Configuration of Skype for Business on a company domain
  • Installation of Skype of Business on a computer
  • Creation of a user list
  • Adding users from outside
  • Implementation of Skype of Business Server for telephone use
  • Testing

By launching Skype for Business with Senetic, you gain:

  • An easy to use conversation, voice and video call platform
  • A cost effective solution that eliminates the need for commuting to see a presentation, etc. – you can do it online
  • Easy and fast launch, which will not disrupt the everyday work
  • Expert assistance
  • Data safety
  • Implementation assist
  • Training discount
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Skype for Business implementation